Monday, April 18, 2011

The Beach

I haven't touched film in a while.. and boy do I miss it. 
These shots were more experimentation than anything... so be gentle!

thanks to sammy e



Thursday, April 14, 2011

Road trippin with my two favourite allies..

Hands up if you've spent your time at work daydreaming/planning your next adventure overseas.

Me? Guilty as charged.

The itch, the bug, whatever you want to call it - I've got it.
Growing up with a mum for a travel agent had me traipsing around the world at a young age.

My last big trip was Europe in 2009.. and although I told myself I would take my SLR and take all these fantastic photos constantly.. I ended up taking my lame-o compact camera and getting some okay shots.

Ya'see, I just didn't like the idea of spending half my time, stopping, staring and finding another great place/person/thing to snap. I wanted to enjoy the moment!

I envy those that can do both. And I've promised to try on my next trip..

For now though, you should check out Mr and Mrs Globe Trot aka Julia and Yuriy Manchik.

They're a cute photo snappin' couple who just got hitched in their home city of Seattle last year. Immediately after their wedding, they decided to throw it all away and travel the world for half a year. Umm.. jelly!

They've got an amazing blog of photos they've taken on the way.. it's left me inspired to start clicking!





Oh and this is Julia and Yuriy..


Monday, April 4, 2011


I have no real reason for posting these pictures, except for the simple fact that this girl is really hot.
yikes! thanks nirrimi.

*siiiigh* if only we could all look that ridiculously good looking.

ps. check out one of nirrimi's other shoots.

Pretty spesh right..