Thursday, December 20, 2012

I've been a good elf this year and already finished my Christmas shopping and wrapping.. but damn, I wish I'd seen this post before I did.

Megan Morton delivers again with these lovely (and thrifty) ideas for gift wrapping.

Using flowers..

 Cork flower

Lace and Doilies

Recycled paper and cloth

 Can't wait for next year!

*Post first published on Temple and Webster.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thou shall give thanks.

Another year on its end, another list to sum up what's been.

The Highlights of a Leopard Specs World

Standing on top of a volcano in Guatemala.
Walking into a bar in Mexico and immediately feeling at home when everyone loses their shit to Azelia's 212.
Losing my shit to Azelia's live set at Splendour.
Flying high as a kite at Smashing Pumpkins.
Getting to know Buenos Aires 'streets so well, it feels like home.
Staring out at Byron's beautiful blue water.
Catching up with old friends across the Pacific Ocean.
Letting new friendships bubble and brew and make me feel whole again.
Making a new place my home.
Adding one more to the family.
Giving my chopping board, frying pan and cupcake stand a work-out.
Kicking goals in a tumultous day job.
Reconnecting with blood in a new city.
Getting mistaken for a Brazillian local.
Learning how to swing to Ray Charles.
Watching my seedlings nourish and grow.
Discovering film, beautiful film.
Writing and writing and filling my tattered notebooks to the brim once more.
Falling in love with him.
Again, and again.
Life is never easy, and 2012 has seen me say goodbye to a patriarch.
It's seen me kicked around by a much-loved job.
It's seen depression rear its ugly head.
And it's seen me lose good health many times.
But hey, what's life without struggle?
It's short, it's hard and you have to give it all you got.
I'd like to think I accomplished that in 2012.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hong Kong and Macau

Travelling really is damn good fun.

Not only is it great to flex the photo-snapping muscles, but your brain gets a good workout too.

Learning and discovering are the best things about globe-trotting.

You learn that people are very different.. and yet the same.

You discover.

You hear stories old and new.

You learn a history and start adopting the slang.

Best of all, you learn more about yourself.

Here's some pics I took when the family and I visited our Asian neighbours last week.