Sunday, January 23, 2011

I made a friend online.

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Sometimes I find it really intrusive with all the tagging and news feeds and conversation updates.
But sometimes those annoying characteristics are exactly what make the site work so well.
It connects peeps.
Peeps like Me and Peter Cagnacci.
A rather talented young man, who I found while trawling through my friend's tagged photos.

Making friends online is always akward. Here was my first attempt at getting to know the real Pete.


Stef: Cagnacci eh? Are you a wog-boy?
Peter: By last name only, I thoroughly deny being Italian, Cagnacci isn't the most subtle wog last name however.
Stef: Yeah, I would too. There's a reason the feds are after Tony Soprano.

Stef: What's your day job?
Peter: Recently left sheetmetal work in a factory, so now i'm a struggling artist?
Stef: Poser.

Stef: Favourite hat?
Peter: Hunter S Thompson styled bucket hat at the moment.
Stef: I like him, maybe you're not so bad after all.

Stef: Punk, hipster, homeless. Pick.

Peter: Homeless

Stef: When you click your red shoes together, where do you go?

Peter: Into a deep psychosis of insanity. Since when did I even own red shoes?
Stef: Word on the street. Just saying..

Stef: You've got some serious ink there. Tatt count?
Peter: I wouldn't call it serious, not compared to some of my mates at least. 6 at the moment, as soon as my bank account likes me again i'm sure that number will increase tenfold.
Stef: You've got five on me.

Stef: How many photographers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Peter: None. They're all pretentious goobers that love sitting in the dark.
Stef: Lawl

Stef: Could you live on $300 a week?

Peter: In theory yes though I wouldn't enjoy it, at the moment i'm living off $0 a week.
Stef: Okay I get it, your broke. But don't look at me for the extra nickles!

Stef: I guess you're still nice/crazy/weird, I like you. Let's boogie!

Peter: Danke danke, let's thank Heroin for that one

Weeee friends!

Fear and Loathing in South East Asia


By the way.
This is Peter.

Ladies, you can find him at all good department stores for a bargain $9.99.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's In a Friend

I first met Sophie G back in 09 when we were both cutting our teeth in the big, scary metropolitan newsroom.

It wasn't hard to warm to her.

She introduced me to the cool, indie people, places, things in my new hood in the inner west.

She told me tales of how Jesus came into her life and rocked her world.

She listened to my raves and rants about how I had once again made a dick of myself at work.

Heck, she's the main reason this blog even exists.

But most of all, she instilled in me the hope that the good guys are still out there. Sophie is one of the good guys. She's genuine and down to earth, and never finishes last. The best part? She don't even know how slick she is.

But alas Sophie G has decided to leave the ABC. To Melbourne, no less.
I'm sure she'll make friends fast because apart from all the good-heartedness, she's actually a pretty cool gal. Here's her blog. Talented creative writer is an understatement. I'm pretty jelly, and you should be too.

Au Revoir Sophie.
Thanks for being my friend.

Post Script: For Soph's farewell present I purchased these lovely little notebooks from Newtown Stationary Store Pentimento.

Introducing Ask Alice..

I bought her a fox card.

There's postcards..

And gift tags too.

Clever Melbournite Sass Cooper is behind these cute little numbers. Everything is produced from 100% recycled paper and printed in vegetable ink so free up that conscience! Super.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Conflict of Interest

Triple J News.. good morning, I'm Elize Strydom.

You may have heard her cute voice on your radiowaves if you tune into the JJJ's from 6 to 9am.

Breaking live national news without breaking a sweat and managing to stay chirpy when there's no damn sunlight outside is no easy feat.

But let me tell you.. behind the voice, is some serious skills! I'm talking happy snap skills.


sooo inner west (Sydney)

eek! Holga happiness. ps. that's her, and her wordsmith boyfriend Matt Granfield.




Angus Stone at Falls Festival

Karen O

Grizzly Bear


So I could pretty much keep on posting her photos.. but I don't want to look like a super-obessesed stalker. I mean we do work together and all. Things might get akwards ya'know? And I - like - super love her work. I need to keep my distance, otherwise I'm just this puppy dog lapping up whatever she throws at me! Play it cool Stef. Play it COOL.

Elize, if you're reading this.. I'm your number one fan!

Monday, January 17, 2011


The thing I like most about Elle Green is that her photos don't seem forced. It's as if she just stumbles across these cool people and things and always happens to have a camera. 

The 28-year-old Bondi girl is big on the skate and surf scenes. 

YOU can't be ME, I'm a ROCKSTAR 

Bridge in Japan. She likes it there.