Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh, Paris.

Last night was a magical night.

I watched Midnight in Paris on a romantic date for two.

A French accordian player played a sweet song as I stopped and stared at the lights on the Harbour Bridge.

I made friends with a French girl who had lost her way.

It was a lovely French-filled night.

I've been to Paris once before. It was a short, whirlwind tour of the city but nevertheless I'll never forget the feeling I was left with.. There was elegance and beauty at every corner, the golden statues left me breathless, the girls, oh the girls. They were lovely. The history, the art, I could go on forever..

I've promised myself to go there again. Rent an apartment - and really soak it up.

And not just Paris, other parts of France are beautiful too.

Don't you agree?

Oh yes did I mention zee ladiezz?

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